#11 Tai Chi ( 15 minutes a day). (54! Non Drug ways to lower your bloodpressure)

Tai Chi  ( 15 minutes a day).

I remember the first time I tried Tai Chi.  I was thinking this slow motion dancing cannot be that hard.  After a half an hour, I was surprised by how much energy it took. Keeping your balance, coordinating all the moves, being smooth, and graceful,  … all adds up to a surprisingly good workout.

If you want to you can sign up for classes, and work with a group that great but there is nothing to stop one from doing it alone, for 15 minutes almost anywhere, anytime.  Some attribute the lowering of the blood pressure to the gentle exercises that simulate and relax the body.  Others feel, it has to do with the coordinated and slowed breathing that occurs during Tai Chi is how it works on blood pressure.

It works … Tai Chi is amazing relaxing exercise.  I’ve seen it bring down my blood pressure on pressure packed day.   Some say that Tai Chi is dancing on one foot.  Whatever, it builds strength and balance and stimulates nerves in the body.  Try it.







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