#1: Use RESPeRATE (54! non-drug ways to lower blood pressure)

My impression from the studies is that the majority of folks (more than half) get a positive response from using RESPeRATE. That aside, it’s highly possible that there are folks that do not get any benefit from using the Rr. The most likely cause in these cases is that they have some cause not effectively managed by Rr and not that they are incorrectly using the machine. Still, when I first started using the machine, I didn’t notice any benefit for the first 3 weeks. I took my blood pressure before and after each session, and sometimes BP went down, sometimes it went up, and sometimes it stayed the same, but an hour later my blood pressure seemed unchanged.

Sometime in the 3rd week, however, I began to relax and I didn’t try to perfect the process. I simply began to relax, enjoy it, and I didn’t worry so much about keeping in perfect time with the machine. Presto — after each session my blood pressure dropped sharply. Then, when I had high blood pressure, I would do a session and drop the blood pressure. If it still wasn’t down enough I’d do another session, and drop it a bit more, and if I had time, I’d even do a third session and drop it further. This gave me a kind of positive feedback loop. I began to feel that I could do something to control my blood pressure value. I then started to notice that my readings an hour later were lower, and over the next few weeks began to see my daily readings dropping. Currently, I try to do one 10 minute session per day. On holidays, and weekends, I try to get in two sessions.

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